10 Tips for first time traveler

If you are a first time traveler, planning a trip by yourself to either inside or outside of the country, this post will help you planning your trip smoothly.

I traveled abroad first time in 2015 to china. That was my first planned trip to a foreign country. Being a Chinese language resource it was my dream to visit China one day, and I planned it with one of my fellow worker (who is now my husband) to accomplish it.

In this post I would like to share few mistakes which I have done on my first international trip.

  • Planning without research:

I planned my trip, without checking any information about the place, without doing any research, and we wasted money and time planning it later.

  • Book tickets in hurry-

I have booked the tickets in a rush and because of that by mistake I entered my details incorrectly. Remember even a small spelling mistake can cost you a thousand bucks.

  • Don’t forget to check the weather-

We booked our trip in the month of October and it was very hot during that time. So always check the weather and carry cloths accordingly.

  • Carry adequate cash-

Since I was not sure what places to visit , I was not carrying extra money with me and as a result I have to borrow money later from a friend who was staying there.

  • Save each and every important location in your map-

You can save offline locations in your map beforehand, or at least you can plan how to reach there, so that you won’t get lost in a new city.

  • Check review of Hotels before booking –

Mistakenly I had booked a hotel in Hong Kong which was so small that once you stepped in it will get over (I am not kidding).

  • Check for the sightseeing places-

Make list of the sightseeing places so that you don’t have to waste more time during your trip.

  • Check in early-

If possible check in early, because it is uncertain to get a desired seat.

  • Try local food-

Have local food otherwise you will end up spending a lot for food only. I spent around 7k bucks extra for trying Indian cuisine there.

  • Don’t shop extra-

Shopping is good but excessive shopping is very bad in every manner, your luggage will be run out of space, chances will be very high to pay extra in the airport for overweight.

So these are my top tips if you’re travelling by yourself for the first time, hope it will help to make your trip a successful one :).

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